The Agreement Between Sakaeronavigatsia and Eurocontrol

41st meeting of the Provisional Council of Eurocontrol was held in Brussels, on which the management of Sakaeronavigatsia was attended for the first time as a member state. Significant issues and projects were discussed at the meeting, which is being implemented all over Europe with the aim of further development of aeronautical services and the awareness of flight safety level. The centralized Services project was emphasized at the meeting, the implementation of which will be commenced in the nearest future by the member states of Eurocontrol. Sakaeronavigtsia confirmed its interest and expressed readiness for participation in the project. In their turn, management of the German and French Air Navigation Service Providers expressed their interest in cooperation with Sakaeronavigatsia during the implementation of the project.

Within the framework of the meeting, the business meeting between the General Director of Eurocontrol, Mr. Frank Brener, and General Director of Sakaeronavigatsia, Mr. Gocha Mezrishvili was held as well. It was decided, that in the nearest future employees of Sakaeronavigatsia will visit the corresponding departments of the central office of Eurocontrol (in Brussels) in order to gain work experience and to exchange practices adopted in Europe. Georgian specialists with European colleagues and experts will participate in the implementation of ongoing and future projects. The received knowledge and experience will aid the Georgian specialists in the further development of the Georgian aeronautical services and the achievement of the highest level of flight safety.

Through the implementation of the projects, flight safety, the effectiveness of air traffic management, and the qualification level of those employees, which are directly involved in the processes of air traffic planning and management will increase in the country.